About us


GIS-ECO, with strong ties to charity and voluntary work, was created in the spirit to help organisations become Energy Effective reducing their Carbon Emissions and saving them money.




Who are we?


GIS-ECO was the brain child of one of its founding Members, who has had strong links within the Energy arena for many years. From being a stakeholder within the Department of Communities and Local Government for the implementation of Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates, to being a current Standing Panel member at BRE (Building Research Establishment), Barry Hudson identified many areas where he wanted to be directly involved in order to make a difference.

The answer was the creation of an organisation which can deliver value to clients from the consultancy level of strategy formulation, through energy management for reduction, understanding and certification, to the detail of solid ethical energy procurement services on a least cost basis. All projects whether they be consultancy, audits, procurement, or whatever, aim to generate financial support to a charity. Make a difference for your organisation and others –contact us today.

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